11 June 2022

We invite you to Labyrinth: a creative adventure and a collective thank you for sticking with us during the pandemic!

I was so blessed to be part of this festival sharing 3 of my 16mm films in the Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam screening program

The Mythical Island Bimini


The Motion Of Tumbling

LUDIC Re:Memoria, Velcro Adorables

9th June – July, 2022 

The Institute, Strada Băiculești 29, București, Romania

Ludic will be presenting Re:Memoria – an installation of accidental archives, a series of live performance – as part of Velcro Adorables, a group exhibition curated by Daniela Custrins.


Handige Oefeningetjes en Hapjes

6 May 2022, 17:00 – 19:00

We welcome you to a joyful after work event with Patricia Vane and Judith van der Made.

Judith is in residency at Skogen from 30th of April till 7th of May and collaborating with Patricia (Skogen) on making audio visual toolbox, a posterzine with an audio link, that can playfully help you find more ways to get inspired and/or look at something. Judith is an artist using the Feldenkrais method, a type of exercise therapy. She assembled a series short audio-lessons as a guidance to recognize our patterns and where unaware of our blindspots.

In this event they are sharing their work on the toolbox: they show the exercises live and explain their process and vision. You can even try the rebooting exercises yourself and experience it.

Formerly Known As will also be screening a new AV work inspired by the Re-Boot Toolbox.

Because both women are from the Netherlands, the after work mingle will have a Dutch theme with hilarious traditional Dutch snacks and ‘een lekker deuntje’ by DJ Formerly Known As playing in live but online from The Netherlands.


Supported by Stroom Den Haag

Studio, Skogen

Masthuggsterrassen 3, SE-413 18 Göteborg, Sverige

Awareness Through Movement for Creativity

Studielab SKOGEN Gothenburg Sweden

1 May 2022 from 14:00 – 15:30

In this lab Judith and Patricia are testing awareness through movement for creativity exercises. They invite you to join. The short exercises are available for anyone, they are situated around the working desk and looking at how to sit, and how to get up from sitting: effortlessly, renewed.

Judith van der Made (NL) is teacher in the movement practice Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais Method is a type of exercise therapy devised by Israeli Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984) during the mid-20th century. The method is claimed to reorganize connections between the brain and body and so improve body movement and psychological state. Judith is also an artist and movement practitioner. She combines the knowledge of the method with a thorough research to explore the direct implementation of physical exercise and improvisation structures into daily life. How does it effect our behavior when working, on social engagement, decision making, on problem solving, on being creative.

This lab is part of an ongoing research in collective Ludic. A fluctuating group of people in different disciplines all over the world, started in 2014 with the fictional narrative of a sudden collapse of the earth turning inside out in a split second, leaving all its inhabitants with a trauma and a reboot of humanity. Ludic is asking by unlearning and relearning: what can it mean to be human?

Judith collaborates with Patricia Vane (Skogen), who is giving a graphic response to the exercises.

Requiem for the Avantgardistic Staat

In collaboration with some members of  Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam ( Esther Urlus, Nan Wang, Anitsh Brape & Farah Rahman), I will be creating and performing the visuals for Requiem For The Avantgardistic Staat 8 and 10 nov 2018.

a composition by Michiel Klein of Eklin, Lewsberg, MiMa and Adept fame, performed by Klein alongside a small orchestra.

8 nov is the premiere in WORM Rotterdam.

10 nov as part of the Mini Le Guess Who in Utrecht. ( more details tba)


A Requiem, Mass for or of the Dead….. we took this as a starting point for creating a new 16mm work.



In August 2018 I started working on a new 16mm film; FLAMINGO.

Working with a handcrank DIY 16mm pinhole camera, once a week  i shared some time with the Flamingo’s of Amsterdam. Observe, Capture, Document them in a  very uncontrolled visual way ,as with my camera i cannot see, there is no viewer…. there is also no lense, so the light hits the film directly through a small hole as i roll it from 1 side to the other…. making funny stories about them with my friend Dan who accompanied on a couple of my visits…..

August 2018 FLAMINGO month….. will be developing this work further over the winter…

keep u all posted

Words Fail Me

In Juli 2018 i took part in the performance event  WordsFail Me in Het Wilde Weten in Rotterdam.

Performances by:
Neva Lukić (poetry/prose reading)
Cathleen Owens
Katerina Sidorova
Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss)

Words fail me endeavors to explore „the word“ and „the symbol“ throughout different media and various artistic expressions. This performance event is structured around three points which create the podium where the language exists, metamorphosing and disappearing by means of various artistic qualities and sensibilities. These points are the philosophical writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, short stories and poems by Neva Lukić and performance pieces by Cathleen Owens, Katerina Sidorova and Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss).


Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss)

When language is transformed into something else, we allow ourselves to communicate other source of dimension. When language becomes a pigment, drawing becomes a listing or conversation.


I was fascinated by the idea of Masaaki to transform language. As with LUDIC collective we are also constantly trying to unlearn and transform. We touched ever so briefly on language, so by working with Masaaki on this matter gave me a nice new insight to share in our collective.