28 jan HIT PARADE schouwburgplein R’dam IFFR

hi today i will be part of this performance  starts at 17:15 till ????

Hit Parade @ IFFR

Experimental performance by artist Christof Migone. A group of people lies down on the floor to hit the floor of thousand times with a microphone, each in their own rhythm and intensity. Everyone’s sound is amplified separately. Free admission, Schouwburgplein.


here is a nice link with some pics



my 16 mm ‘the mythical island Bimini – a hydrozoan dream -‘ was part of a really nice filmprogramm tonight during  EXPOLOOK ,the 3rd years KABK photography expo Den Haag.

other artists that were screened were oa Frans Zwartjes , Marina Obramovic and some more great filmmakers/artists

thanx for having me be part of this

expolook 1

expolook 3 expolook 2

expolook 6 expolook 5 expolook 4

17 jan Bimini @ LOOK & 19 jan DJ set @ Zeebelt

nice things ahead

thursday 17 jan  my short direct animation ‘ the mythical island Bimini – a hydrozoan dream -‘ will be part of a film programm of LOOK the 3rd year photography expo

19.00 – 20.00Short film programme on Beauty
We let the moving image speak on our behalf. In a sixty minute program the visitor will be led through a selection of short films, exploring beauty in one way or another. This evening is meant to motivate a discussion and provoke new ways of looking at the work in the exhibition

bimini still 1

saturday 19 jan I will be doin a DJ set together with YESPINKPNK @ ZEEBELT’s wrap up party from 00:00 till….

( i think invites only not sure)


state X new forms 2012 review of CLOUD performance 14 -12

hi here is a link to a review of our performance with CLOUD  during state X new forms 14-12-2012

starts at sub-headline: donkere wolken


the google translation:

dark clouds
For some melodramatic touches involves meanwhile the blue sky with dark clouds Friday ‘Cloud’. In the large hall loom-angle creatures that had not fit in a book about the black Romanticism. In combination with the driving techno and Aerobics-like vocals changes the great hall of the Horse in a weird world. Underneath tables come crawling women with hair down to their knees and on a plateau stands a classical ballerina gecontreerde plie’s perform. On the screen behind her we see projections of an operating room. Where should I look? What do I see? What does this mean? And then suddenly let ‘Cloud’ behind the audience, in visible state of confusion.