NYC @ INCUBATE 2013 17 sept 2013

my st8 16mm pinhole film  NYC ,just got selected to the OpenFilm program of Incubate 2013  in the experimental 1 program 17sept from 18:00 till  19:00  together with oa work by Slakker, Noortje Haegens, Torsten Fleisch, Sadrijn van der Horst & Joanna Vaude


i started my randomness project today…

filming ( 100d ektachrome 16mm) 1 or 2 random imagery daily… trying to see if randomness will lead to its own storyline or that the viewers will make all the randomness  into something coherent ……..also checking myself…. can i stay really random in my choice of filmed imagery or  will  i find myself unconsciously choosing images that create a coherency…

ha its allready one big trick game … i like!

first 1 /1,5 min film full… almost loaded the camera again… but better develop first to see how it works cant wait!!!

YES! it worked… new roll and of i go!!


after a small residency in the CLOUD studio me & sara Nuytemans started working on location VROMm 2.0 ,the former VROM office building , on ” Diffusing Structures”  what will be our next live performed installation with manipulated projections & sound… which will be premiered 27/28 sept during Todays Art festival The Hague… together with oa works of Klara Ravat, Evelina Racja, Viginie Dubois , Rob Bothof & Mike Rijnierse

IMG_0448 sara

costumes are getting there ….tomorrow we will be filming our last round through the building to collect images and sounds….. and sunday we will be finalising the screen….

next stage … fracturing the screen again….. possibly last working day with sara meuh!

saar jut ds

last day working with sara was a hit! we managed to defracture the screen and fit the attachments in order …that wasnt at easy as writing it down like this hahahha…

on my own from now but sara is as well making a copy of our work in yogjakarta indonesia.

getting there!!!