Requiem for the Avantgardistic Staat

In collaboration with some members of  Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam ( Esther Urlus, Nan Wang, Anitsh Brape & Farah Rahman), I will be creating and performing the visuals for Requiem For The Avantgardistic Staat 8 and 10 nov 2018.

a composition by Michiel Klein of Eklin, Lewsberg, MiMa and Adept fame, performed by Klein alongside a small orchestra.

8 nov is the premiere in WORM Rotterdam.

10 nov as part of the Mini Le Guess Who in Utrecht. ( more details tba)


A Requiem, Mass for or of the Dead….. we took this as a starting point for creating a new 16mm work.




In August 2018 I started working on a new 16mm film; FLAMINGO.

Working with a handcrank DIY 16mm pinhole camera, once a week  i shared some time with the Flamingo’s of Amsterdam. Observe, Capture, Document them in a  very uncontrolled visual way ,as with my camera i cannot see, there is no viewer…. there is also no lense, so the light hits the film directly through a small hole as i roll it from 1 side to the other…. making funny stories about them with my friend Dan who accompanied on a couple of my visits…..

August 2018 FLAMINGO month….. will be developing this work further over the winter…

keep u all posted

Back to the Future festival

4/5 november Filmwerkplaats will organize a really nice festival Back to the Future in various locations in Rotterdam (WORM, The Performance Bar & UBIK)

a new 16mm color work of mine, The Motion of Tumbling  will be part of the program 69sec FWP films which will screen saturday 4 nov  at 17:00 in Filmhaus

my 16mm film S.N.O.W. will be screened  sunday 5 nov at 14:00 in Filmhaus

and in the s/ash Ga//ery the brand new installation Interdependent – Top/Heart/Bass –  will be presented to the public  4&5 november saturday from 17:00 till 22:00 and sunday from 12:00 till 19:00