Requiem for the avantgardistic state @ le mini who?

Saturday 10 of Nov we performed the visuals for The Requiem for the Avantgardistic State by Michiel Klein again during the festival Le Mini Who? in Utrecht


Requiem for the Avantgardistic Staat

In collaboration with some members of  Filmwerkplaats Rotterdam ( Esther Urlus, Nan Wang, Anitsh Brape & Farah Rahman), I will be creating and performing the visuals for Requiem For The Avantgardistic Staat 8 and 10 nov 2018.

a composition by Michiel Klein of Eklin, Lewsberg, MiMa and Adept fame, performed by Klein alongside a small orchestra.

8 nov is the premiere in WORM Rotterdam.

10 nov as part of the Mini Le Guess Who in Utrecht. ( more details tba)


A Requiem, Mass for or of the Dead….. we took this as a starting point for creating a new 16mm work.



In August 2018 I started working on a new 16mm film; FLAMINGO.

Working with a handcrank DIY 16mm pinhole camera, once a week  i shared some time with the Flamingo’s of Amsterdam. Observe, Capture, Document them in a  very uncontrolled visual way ,as with my camera i cannot see, there is no viewer…. there is also no lense, so the light hits the film directly through a small hole as i roll it from 1 side to the other…. making funny stories about them with my friend Dan who accompanied on a couple of my visits…..

August 2018 FLAMINGO month….. will be developing this work further over the winter…

keep u all posted

Back to the Future festival

4/5 november Filmwerkplaats will organize a really nice festival Back to the Future in various locations in Rotterdam (WORM, The Performance Bar & UBIK)

a new 16mm color work of mine, The Motion of Tumbling  will be part of the program 69sec FWP films which will screen saturday 4 nov  at 17:00 in Filmhaus

my 16mm film S.N.O.W. will be screened  sunday 5 nov at 14:00 in Filmhaus

and in the s/ash Ga//ery the brand new installation Interdependent – Top/Heart/Bass –  will be presented to the public  4&5 november saturday from 17:00 till 22:00 and sunday from 12:00 till 19:00