Words Fail Me

In Juli 2018 i took part in the performance event  WordsFail Me in Het Wilde Weten in Rotterdam.


Performances by:
Neva Lukić (poetry/prose reading)
Cathleen Owens
Katerina Sidorova
Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss)

Words fail me endeavors to explore „the word“ and „the symbol“ throughout different media and various artistic expressions. This performance event is structured around three points which create the podium where the language exists, metamorphosing and disappearing by means of various artistic qualities and sensibilities. These points are the philosophical writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, short stories and poems by Neva Lukić and performance pieces by Cathleen Owens, Katerina Sidorova and Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss).


Masaaki Oyamada (performed by Judith Moss)

When language is transformed into something else, we allow ourselves to communicate other source of dimension. When language becomes a pigment, drawing becomes a listing or conversation.


I was fascinated by the idea of Masaaki to transform language. As with LUDIC collective we are also constantly trying to unlearn and transform. We touched ever so briefly on language, so by working with Masaaki on this matter gave me a nice new insight to share in our collective.

capturing movement with a handcrank pinhole 16mm camera

expermiment 1. with ST8 film …. not such a succes… need to catch too much light for 1 frame … or all to dark, or you just see the room…

experiment 2. with the 100D ektachrome color was promising… filming pointshoe classes…. try again….


i started my randomness project today…

filming ( 100d ektachrome 16mm) 1 or 2 random imagery daily… trying to see if randomness will lead to its own storyline or that the viewers will make all the randomness  into something coherent ……..also checking myself…. can i stay really random in my choice of filmed imagery or  will  i find myself unconsciously choosing images that create a coherency…

ha its allready one big trick game … i like!

first 1 /1,5 min film full… almost loaded the camera again… but better develop first to see how it works cant wait!!!

YES! it worked… new roll and of i go!!