this page will try and keep u updated on a new  training i started may 2017.

its called the Feldenkrais method and i got to know it through our research with Ludic collective; how to unlearn and relearn .

now almost 1 year later i share the practise by  giving  labs in  the cloud@danslab studio the Hague.

recently i also started working with a Tango practitioner ( Dasha)  figuering out important aspects of Tango and how this could be improved by Feldenkrais excercises…

i would love to do the last ‘ sharing practises’ with a lot of other trainings so who ever is open and curious for it contact me …


Tango & Feldenkrais ,

we looked at….

1.the freedom of the hips, and did an ATM called ‘ getting to know your hip joints’ I & II. 2.we wanted to connect the whole spine  so we did the ATM ‘connecting your head and your pelvis’.

3.we were  also curious about something that could help with understanding the embrace better and we did the ATM ‘ the anti gravity lesson’.

4.after this we dived a little more into the walk in tango  and we did an ATM called ‘ activating the arches’.

From each ATM we take 1 or 2 exercises that we think will help in learning more about Tango. soon we will be sharing these video’s online  …. link:……


Kick boxing & Feldenkrais

i am a  student Kick boxer and i want to find some feldenkrais exrecises  to help me & others  to understand some techniques better…

  1. opening the hips when u make a kick… u open 1 hip joint by opening that foot  as to make space for the other hip to kick more freely, but also u can use the opening of the hip joint and leaning on it to generate more power and speed if you let the movement go through your whole body and not isolate the kicking leg…. ATM…
  2. leaning back when u kick so you use your own counterbalence… ATM….
  3. turning from the hips when u punch, so u use your whole trunk to make a hit, not only from the shoulders, so its about integrating hips/spine and shoulders and twisting….ATM….

Vogueing & Feldenkrais

to start i would love to focus a little on “the walk”

Surfing & Feldenkrais


standing up:

riding a wave:

i might try my first ideas with our surf friend group this winter 🙂


October 2018 

i am in the middle of my training,  got my teachers diploma in august, and can start to teach as a teacher in training now. Did my first 2 ATM’s as a warm up for an improv dance class of an amazing teacher, Ilse van Haasdrecht in oktober 2018 and will most probably do some more feb/march 2019.

i continued my own labs, but now i am sharing 4 lessons that are related ,to see how this works, gave first lesson in half okt 2018.

continued working with the tango fk. we gave 2 workshops 1 related to the embrace in Tango and 1 relating to the gaze also in Tango.

in Dec 2018 we will again end a research sharing period with an open workshop.

september 2019 in november this year i will graduate and i will be a feldenkrais practitioner  HURRAY!!!. In oktober and november 2019 i will do my last training assignment, 4 lessons and 1 clinic in which i relate surfing and Feldenkrais, in which way can Feldenkrais lessons improve your surfing skills ?  i am really excited and cant wait to test my choice of lessons , which i prepared with my teacher and mentor Larry Goldfarb.