busy with as well…..practises/workshops…..

August got into the movement/performance workshop Weak Method by NY dancemaker Jennifer Lacey. June/July 2015 helping Yaprak Sayar with finalising her graduation work 950:20 for the Art Science department at KABK. May/june 2015 doing some voice acting for the graduation work “HEADROOM” of Mihail Bakalov, who graduated from the master Piet Zwart in Rotterdam. Things coming up in april may 2015…. 10 april fashion show with NADA VAN DALEN  during Hotel Mozaique Rotterdam, 24 april teaching an animation workshop during the opening of  William Kentridge’s exhibition at EYE Amsterdam, 7 may VJ-ing  B2B with Karina in Ketelhuis Amsterdam as part of the performance of Yes PinkPink on a KONIJN event … ‘ Behind the screens’. Preparing for the performance installation  ’16mm ceLLuloid complete MADness, body susPENsion’ an initiative of Joan Dee. Became part of the collective 5core an initiative with Cassidy Carbine , Lana Coporda, Gabey Tjon & Fela Kim in which we will explore our own and eachothers works. March 2015 being part of  Keren Rosenberg residency in CLOUD.Feb 2015  GAGA intensive by Keren Rosenberg in Dansateliers Rotterdam. Feb 2015 the Filmwerkplaats Feature film El Santo now called Hometown premiered at the IFFR .Jan 2015 being part of/advising & helping at Cassidy Carbine’s residency in CLOUD.dec 2014 advising/helpin and participating in the CLOUD residency TENSEGRITY of Flor  Reznik an Art Science student at KABK den haag. well gonne leave a bit a gap here … but now juli 2014 started working together on a dance related project with Elleke  Hageman.. very interesting stuff more soon… also doing some modelling work for a visual artist Artyom Kocharyan…. and being part of Amy Wohoo’s new performance project : The Freedom Collection that will be presented during the Witte de With festival rotterdam sept 2014 also helpin out Nan Wang, Lichun Tseng, Nick Aberson & Esther Urlus with their 16mm feature film project El Santo & being part of the filmteam of the new film of Sally Fenaux Barleycorn ‘ SKINHEARTS’….. oeps lots of updating to do… soon….july 2013 residency @ Ponadarosa Stolzenhagen Germany working with Miguel Gutierrez making a process video of ‘the making of a new performance’ by Jerome Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud  june 2013 making a promo video for  photographer Susanne Middelburg & I and ART initiative residency in CLOUD den haag together with katarzyna szugajew 10/15 june may 2013 model for instrctionvideo of graduation installation FLEXOR of Ludmilla Rodrigues  art science kabk den haag april 2013 3rd camera for graduationproject of VERA HERR  kabk media den haag march 2013 modelling for the new music video ‘POLARITY’ of StellarOmSource sept till dec 2012 have been making small introduction videoos of the residents at CLOUD den haag december 2012 have been daily participating in the movement & body research of Katarzyna Szugajew at CLOUD den haag november 2012 making and doing a VJ- set with rob bothof for  kabk Artscience benefit party november 2012 filming Sophie Alfred- Suzon as part of her project for 3rd year KABK den haag 15 nov 2012 have been doin some very interesting research @ CLOUD  connected to a former performance installation I made with BIDA collective @ theater Zeebelt an excerpt of this performance :http://vimeo.com/36952700 in march/ april 2012 i have been researching together with Kate Cunningham , how u can get a projection of the wall & into space, where we experimented with various options and materials & also had some interesting conversations with wolgang bittner & ofer smilansky.

now in okt 2012 I had a 2nd research session @ CLOUD, this time i focussed on how a performer can move in an allready established moving installation without disturbing whats going on in space allready, many interesting issues popped up and i had some really usefull input from annika pannito, mirjam soegner and nicola unger.

september 2012 filming Sophie Alfred – Suzon  as part of her KABK photography project @ CLOUD den haag august 2012 modelling for a photography project of Sophie Alfred – Suzon, 3rd year kabk photography student  den haag 21 august 2012 i will be joinin a super 8 filmshoot where we be filmin swimming horses for a new film of Esther Urlus together with Martha Atienza, Helene Martin Lichun Tseng & Esther herself 12 august 2012 i was modeling for the new single cover of  YESPINKPINK together with Hadas Hinkis (camera), John Fanning & YESPINKPINK it was an amazing shoot look here for some of the results : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=at.4386263856680.2181040.1290803548.100000841156477&type=1 june 2012 filming research & outdoor performance of Lea Canus Ginoux june 2012 filming the presentation of keren rozenberg at CLOUD den haag

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