Back to the Future festival

4/5 november Filmwerkplaats will organize a really nice festival Back to the Future in various locations in Rotterdam (WORM, The Performance Bar & UBIK)

a new 16mm color work of mine, The Motion of Tumbling  will be part of the program 69sec FWP films which will screen saturday 4 nov  at 17:00 in Filmhaus

my 16mm film S.N.O.W. will be screened  sunday 5 nov at 14:00 in Filmhaus

and in the s/ash Ga//ery the brand new installation Interdependent – Top/Heart/Bass –  will be presented to the public  4&5 november saturday from 17:00 till 22:00 and sunday from 12:00 till 19:00


finishing a new 16mm work which will be part of the 69sec filmprogram of Filmwerkplaats  & which will be premiered  during the festival Back to the Future in nov 2017 in WORM

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DIFFUSING STRUCTURES II will be presented as part of the expo RIDERS OF THE COLD and expanded 16mm film expo in hostel mafkees & saratimtrust opening 24th jan @ 18:30 in Hostel Mafkees ,Vijverhofstr 47 Rotterdam saturday& sunday open from 16:00 till 18:00 and from 19:00 till 22:00

riders of the cold flyer


and here a little compilation video by klara ravat of the whole expo! .

for this version of the work i very much want to thank all the people that shared their eyes with me and Evelina Rajca , An3 van de Kuit & Klara Ravat for letting me pick their brain & their advice. DSII Is a follow up of Diffusing Structures  , a work presented in sept in VROMM2.0 ,  created by me & Sara Nuytemans . its a side road i entered after the first experiences exposing & performing it then. Sara & me will be re creating various versions of the piece independedly on different parts of the hemisphere.